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Has your phone ever been knocked out of your hand and you watched in horror, praying it wouldn't shatter as it fell to the ground in slow-motion? Have you ever been laying down and dropped your phone on your face? This thing is for you!

I'm obsessed with PopSockets. What's a PopSocket? An expanding grip that you can add to the back of any phone (or pretty much any flat surface). Some of the benefits:

  • Sticks on and stays on with a super strong adhesive (seriously, this grip might be stronger than when you broke your baby daddy's hand while giving birth)
  • Much easier to hold onto your phone for calls, pictures (especially selfies!), and just browsing.
  • Use it as a kick stand to prop up your phone
  • Look like a boss bitch
  • Admittedly, it's really fun to fidget with

You spend an average of 5 hours on your phone every day. Why not make it easier to hold onto?

One size fits all

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